Glasir students will receive full reimbursement for cancelled study trips in March

Image credits: Sverri Egholm
Image credits: Sverri Egholm

In early March, the Glasir college in Tórshavn cancelled the planned study trips to France and Portugal at the last minute due to COVID-19.

This was both due to the danger of the virus itself and the cancellation of cultural events and the closure of cultural places, which affected the very purpose of the trips.

About 300 students were affected by this, and the Government will be reimbursing them for the travel expenses. The total cost of the travel expenses for all students was 1,65 million DKK. 300.000 DKK have already been refunded, and the remaining 1,35 million will be returned soon.

The Government will be covering the cost of the travel expenses as the Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs feels that it has a moral obligation to reimburse the students for their travel expenses, as the trips were cancelled by Glasir and not the students themselves.

The funds are included in a proposal about supplementary appropriation for October, which has been put before parliament this week.

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