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G! Festival announces first acts of 2022 lineup

After a two-year break, the G! Festival declares itself ready for a comeback this summer, with the first artists of the 2022 lineup announced.

These include Carlena Carter, American country singer, who visited the Faroe Islands in 2018 when she performed at Sørvágur’s Country Festival. She said then that she would come back to the Faroes, and this year she is slated to fulfill her promise.

Another artist on the roster, José González, was scheduled to perform in Gøta last summer but alas, the festival ended up canceled. González is known for his album ‘Local Valley’ amongst other things — the first album where listeners can hear him sing in both Spanish, English and Swedish.

A third name announced last week by the G! Festival organizers, Danish artist Tessa, was scheduled for the lineup of both 2020 and 2021; indeed bets are on that the third time is the charm.

“For almost three years we’ve looked forward to seeing Tessa perform on the beach, and the young star has just gotten better and better, since the release of ‘Snakker for meget’ in 2019,” we’re told.

Other foreign artists include Danish Katla, Swedish La Fleur, and Turkish Gaye Su Akyol, who was also scheduled to perform last year. Faroese artists include Eivør, Joe & The Shitboys, HORRSE, and Lea Kampmann.

“Back in 2019, if we had known that we wouldn’t be back for another three years, we might have danced and enjoyed the moments more, but life goes on and 2022 will be the year where we enjoy three year’s worth of music in one. It’s going to be insane,” team G! vowed in a press release.


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