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Former Prime Minister: Everyone should be forced into quarantine upon arrival

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Jóannes Eidesgaard, who was Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands from 2004 – 2008, will not be satisfied until every traveller arriving in the Faroe Islands is forced to quarantine for 14 days and tested for COVID-19 before they are released back into society.

– Of course this means limiting the personal freedom of a few people, but if we don’t do this, we’ll end up having to limit the personal freedom of 52.000 Faroese citizens. In this case, their personal freedom would only be limited for 14 days, but if we let people decide whether or not they go into quarantine, we could all end up with limited freedom for an extended period of time, he says in an update on Facebook.

And Mr. Eidesgaard is not the only public figure with this opinion. Christian Andreasen, MP for Fólkaflokkurin points out that the situation is currently under control in the Faroe Islands, and if everyone arriving in the country went into quarantine, it would be much safer to reopen society.

– I know most people coming to the Faroe Islands are responsible and follow the guidelines, but unfortunately I know of people who don’t go into “voluntary” quarantine. If we isolate those arriving to the country we can also reopen our society, he says in an update on Facebook.

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