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For those about to translate Faroese literature, a new international grant

FarLit, an agency under the Faroese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, announced earlier this week that a new translation grant has been made available for international publishers to meet increasing demand from beyond the Nordic region.

For many years, FarLit has administered the Nordic Translation and Production Grant, intended for Nordic publishers wishing to publish Faroese books in their country; however, no equivalent grant has been available for international publishers — until now, that is.

According to FarLit, the deadline for the first round of applications is August 1st and application forms are available on the FarLit website at farlit.fo.

The first annual amount allocated for the new international grant is 300,000 DKK (40,330 EUR), we’re told.

To evaluate incoming applications for the new grant, a literary committee consisting of three members has been appointed by the Faroese Authors’ Association, the University of the Faroe Islands and the National Library of the Faroe Islands. 

“We are excited to get started,” said Urd Johannesen, literary coordinator at FarLit. “We already know of several publishers ready to apply, and this is a clear indication that there is a need for such a grant.”


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