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.FO Administration hacked and all passwords stolen

Last Sunday, 23. september, the website of the .FO Adminstration was hacked.

The hack is currently being investigated by the police.

The hack was interrupted, but the hackers managed to gain access to email addresses and passwords off all users at nic.fo.

Information regarding payments etc. were not compromised.

Nic.fo was temporarily shut down in order to prevent the attack, and should be up and running on a new system on Monday 1. October.

When nic.fo reopens, all current users will receive an email containing a link, that will allow them to choose a new password.

“We are aware, that many people use the same passwords for different systems. Therefore it is very important that people change  passwords immediately, in order to prevent the hackers from gaining access to other systems,” says Nic.fo in a press release.


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