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FMX to promote Faroese music internationally

Faroese music can have greater reach, beyond the North Atlantic archipelago. To fulfil this wish, the Faroe Islands have introduced a new government body, called Faroe Music Export (FMX), which will work to project Faroese music into the international commercial marketplace.

Leading the effort is British native Fred Ruddick, who has a bachelor’s degree in music from LIPA, and has worked as booker and creative director at G! Festival for four years.

“Faroese music needs to be fully equipped to develop meaningful connections with the outside musical world,” says Fred. “Connecting an artist to an international agent, or any musical body to an international agency is not enough. We need to work towards successful communication. It’s about being both export-relevant and export-ready.”

Fred, who has also worked as a music producer in both commercial studios and in the high-profile live arena, says making music, no matter how good it is, is only the start of the constant work to develop and sustain a career that extends internationally.

“Being in a remote location can be inspirational and creatively appealing, but we need to further enable musicians to make Faroe Islands their home, to maintain a healthy international career and presence. From the ground up, it’s about engaging and inspiring young people to be more industry-aware from the start, and to understand the tools and opportunities communication technology has provided in the 21st century.”

FMX, which is manned solely by Fred, will work with musicians, record companies, events, broadcasters and cultural institutions, with the goal to elevate the entire musical platform in the Faroe Islands.

“I don’t come with the gospel or all the answers,” says Fred. “Gospel is open to interpretation, and we will hear and consider input and ideas from relevant bodies, as we work to build a platform that is catered to our totally unique situation in the Faroe Islands”.

This article was originally published on faroeislands.fo


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