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First university Diplomas earned in Faroese as a Second Language

Students at the University of the Faroe Islands have completed a diploma program in Faroese as a Second Language, for the first time ever.

On February 9th, the university held a “historic graduation ceremony” for 20 students who had completed the new academic program at the Faculty of Faroese Language and Literature.

With a growing number of immigrants from various countries settling down in the Faroes, demand for Faroese language educators has increased markedly, with the program, introduced in 2021, constituting a response to that situation, the University of the Faroe Islands noted.

Having completed the new program, which according to the university has never been offered previously in the Faroes, the new graduates were all working in education beforehand; they have thus now become appropriately qualified to teach Faroese language to children and adults whose first language is not Faroese.

Of the 20 new graduates, 11 teach primary and lower secondary school, five teach at college, two work at Nám, the official educational support agency for the public school sector, with two others teaching adults at evening schools.

Taught on a part-time schedule, usually on Mondays and weekends, the program was designed to allow students to simultaneously manage their jobs.


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