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First time since 2009: Population in Vágur municipality surpasses 1.380

According to statistics, the population of Vágur municipality was 1.381 on 1 September – the highest it has been in over ten years.

According to the website of Vágur municipality, the population hasn’t exceeded 1.380 since May 2009.

The population in the area decreased after the 2008 recession hit, but then it increased once again in 2010. However, between January 2011 and the autumn of 2013, the population was in decline. When the population was at its lowest in September 2013, it was 1.296. In later years, the population started to grow again.

Between September 2013 and September 2020, the population in Vágur municipality has grown by 85 – a 6,6 percent increase, while the total population of the Faroe Islands has increased by 9,7 percent. The population of Suðuroy, however, has remained stagnant.

– We’re thrilled about the population increase that we’ve seen in these last couple of years, and that many have moved to the area these last couple of months – including families with children, and this suggests that Vágur municipality is an exciting place to move to and to live in, Dennis Holm, Mayor, says.

– However, we do know that August and September is a time when many young people move away to pursue their education, and the population statistics will likely reflect that, he says.


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