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First six names of G! Festival 2023 revealed

With the first six acts of this summer’s iteration of the G! Festival now revealed, the village of Syðrugøta will be hosting the famous live music event on July 13th to 15th. As per the organizers, the first batch of music artists includes performers from the Faroes as well as from other Nordic countries—as follows.

• Danish pop singer Jada, known for hits like “Nudes” and “Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again”, who has rapidly risen to the top on the Danish music scene, having performed at the biggest festivals in her home country.

• Award-winning Icelandic singer Bríet, rumored to be the next big name to emerge from Iceland and known for hits such as “Esjan”, “Fimm”, and “Rólegur kúreki”.

• Finnish singer Irene, allegedly the love child of Björk, Fever Rey and Kate Bush, known for her hit “Keep on Walking” and for writing the score for the documentary series “Untold Arctic Wars”.

• Faroese artist Brimheim, considered one of the most promising rock artists in Denmark, given ample praise for her first album “I Can’t Hate Myself Into Another Shape”, having performed at interntional festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, By:Larm, and Euro Sonic.

• Swedish/Danish Lucky Lo find inspiration from Swedish pop and Bulgarian and Japanese music, a combination which has created “a colorful, honest and emotional alt-pop music,” we’re told. Their first album ‘Supercarry’ was released in March last year and the band has toured and performed around Denmark.

• Eivør, one of the most widely known and popular singers of the Faroes, will return to Syðrugøta yet again to perform at the festival in her home village. “Eivør and G! belong together,” the festival organizers noted, adding that they are “proud to have her included in this year’s lineup.”


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