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First Covid-associated death registered in the Faroe Islands

On January 5th, the Faroe Islands recorded its first Covid-19 associated death, when a 68-year old man who had been hospitalized seriously ill a month earlier, succumbed to his illness. The cause of his death, however, may not have been directly related to the coronavirus.

According to the health authorities, the 68-year old, who passed away at the National Hospital in Tórshavn, had been admitted to intensive care in early December with “serious illness other than Covid-19.” Shortly before Christmas, however, the patient had been moved to the Covid-19 Ward, where he was pronounced deceased on Tuesday.

After 206,000 people have been tested for Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands as of January 6th, a total 640 have been tested positive, of whom 579 have subsequently been declared recovered. That leaves the current number of active cases at 61, including one hospitalized person.


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