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The Faroese women fought bravely but were ultimately defeated 22-15 by Macedonia

The Women’s EHF EURO 2018 Qualification Round 3, Group 3: The Faroe Islands women’s national handball team fought bravely and did not allow Macedonia to put their foot on the accelerator until well into the second half at Tórshavn Sports Complex (Høllin á Hálsi) tonight.

Ultimately, the Faroese team came up short and were defeated 22-15 by the Balkans after the teams were tied 7-7 at halftime.

The Faroese line-up tonight: Vivian Petersen, Turið Arge Samuelsen, Marianna G. Eystberg, Durita C. Jojic, Kristianna H.Joensen Bjarta O. Johansen and Eir Berg

The Faroese topscorers tonight:
Turið Arge Samuelsen 5
Kristianna H. Joensen 3
Daniella Joensen 2
Marianna G. Eystberg 2
Bára K. Hansen 1
Eir M. Berg 1
Durita C. Jojic 1

The Faroese women, who are in group 3 with Serbia, Sweden and Macedonia, have now lost their opening three games in the group stage.

The first game ended in a 36-20 defeat to Serbia away from home, while the second game ended in a 33-15 defeat to Sweden at home.

The Faroese women play again on Sunday, this time away from home against Macedonia.

Elsewhere, Denmark (Group 5) and Montenegro (Group 2) continued their strong form as they each collected their third win in as many qualification matches – both playing away in the first leg of their respective Round 3 and 4 double headers. Denmark recorded a clear victory over Czech Republic, while Montenegro defeated Poland.

Group 2: Poland vs Montenegro 20-26 (9-14)
Group 4: Russia vs Romania 30-25 (17-15)
Group 5 :Czech Republic vs Denmark 21-26 (14-15)

Group 3 Overall:
1. Serbia 6 points
2. Sweden 4
3. FYR Macedonia 2
4. The Faroe Islands 0


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