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Faroese travel agency goes bust

Faroese travel agency WeTravel has declared bankruptcy after only four years in business, reports Faroese news website Portal.fo.

An unspecified number of travelers have already been affected by the bankruptcy, including a Klaksvík-based high school class which had raised around 250.000 DKK for a school trip to Croatia.

The students are now doing all they can to get the money – or at least some of them – back, writes Faroese news website VP.

However, one might suspect that quite a few travelers, who have booked tickets through WeTravel, will find it difficult to be reimbursed as the tickets were not covered by the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.

WeTravel received a 1.2 million DKK funding boost to avoid bankruptcy, but to no avail.

WeTravel was a 2-person company.


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