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Faroese short film ‘Ikki illa meint’ wins Ekko Shortlist Award

In the last two years, Faroese short film ‘Ikki illa meint’ (English: No Ill Will), created by filmmaker Andrias Høgenni, has won several prestigious awards, and November 21st saw yet another one brought home.

At this year’s Ekko Shortlist Awards, organized by Danish film magazine Ekko, ‘Ikki illa meint’, having been nominated for four awards, won the Ekko Shortlist Award for Best Fiction. Apart from the Best Fiction award, it was nominated in the categories Best Female Actress (starring Mariann Hansen and Sissal Drews Hjaltalin), Best Manuscript (written by Andrias Høgenni), and Best Original Score (composed by Sune Kølster).

The Ekko Shortlist Award is the 8th prize awarded to ‘Ikki illa meint’. Besides, the film also received two Special Mentions at the Nordisk Panorama and Zubroffka Film Festival, respectively.

“[The film’s] festival life, having spanned two years, is nearing its end,” Høgenni noted according to news daily Portal.fo.

‘Ikki illa meint’ is about two Faroese female friends, Marita and Elinborg, who have an awkward meeting at a Danish supermarket. What starts off as a civilized conversation turns into a big argument about their friendship.

The short film was Høgenni’s final assignment at the Super 16 film school in Denmark. He said he had originally planned on making a completely different short film for his final project, but after abandoning that idea just shortly before his deadline, he came up with the storyline for ‘Ikki illa meint’ at the last minute.

“It was like throwing a pair of dice from the fifth floor, it could end every which way,” Høgenni commented. “I don’t quite feel I’ve deserved all this. I feel incredibly lucky, because there were so many circumstances that played a part in the film’s success. The fact that we had such a good production team and some incredible actors are the reason the film got as far as it did. It’s been a collective process.”

Award wins for ‘Ikki illa meint’:
• Canal+ Prize at Semaine de la Critique — Cannes 2019
• The Danish Academy award for best short film — Robert 2020
• Audience Award at the Odense International Film Festival
• Best European Student Film award at Premiers Plans D’Angers
• Geytin Award for best Faroese short film — Geytin 2019
• Best Fiction Film — Ekko Shortlist Awards 2020
• Best Supporting Actress — Satisfied Eye Film Festival 2020
• Best Supporting Actress at Princeton Independent Film Festival 2019


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