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Faroese population rose by 800 people in 2019

On 1st of January 2020 the total population of the Faroe Islands was 52.124, meaning the population rose by 822 people in 2019 – a 1,6 percent growth. The reason for this, according to Statistics Faroe Islands (Hagstova Føroya), is the natural increase – more births than deaths – of 272 and the net international migration of 550.

The population of the Faroe Islands has been growing since 2014, and since then the Faroe Islands have seen a steady increase in its population. The total population increases by about 70 people a month. Lately, however, this number has been somewhat smaller.

According to statistics, 95-100 people have left the islands each month since 2015, but the migration has also been steadily increasing since mid-2011 – with between 100 –140 people a month.

The number of children being born each months has been more or less the same for many years – about 50, but the last couple of years, this number has increased to 55-60 children a month. The number of deaths each month for the last couple of years has been 30-35.


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