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Faroese population growth continues

With the Faroese population numbering a total 53,305 by May 2021, a clear upward population trend continues for a second year on end.

According to Statistics Faroe Islands, the total population of the island nation is currently increasing at an annual rate of 1.6 percent, with 863 persons added in the past year.

The population trend is determined by net migration (the difference in the number of immigrants and emigrants) and the excess of births over deaths.

“Since the start of this year, the population has increased by 380 people, a growth made up of a net migration of 275 people and an excess of births of 105,” Statistics Faroe Islands reported.

“In April this year, 111 people moved to the country and 57 moved out of the country, leaving a net migration figure of 54 people. This is an increase of 23 compared to April 2020, when 80 people moved to the country and 49 moved out of the country.”

The government agency added: “April 2021 saw an excess of birth of 17. This is a decrease of 11 on April 2020, which had 11 more live births and the same number of deaths.”


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