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Lots of Faroese pets are overweight, says prominent vet

We often hear that we ought to eat less and exercise more.

However, it is not only we, the Faroese people, who should lose weight.

According to Annika P. Nørspang, a prominent veterinary surgeon in the Faroe Islands, there are lots of pets in the Faroes who are overweight.

– Faroese pets are being fed with too much of the wrong food and they do not get enough exercise on an everyday basis, says Nørspang in an interview with KVF.fo.

It is vital that pets are being fed the right fodder, states Nørspang.

– For instance, a dog must eat good fodder which includes dietary fibers and lots of protein. And it is not very good if a dog gets a normal dinner that you and I would eat because this food does not contain the amount of protein that dogs require in their diet, explains Nørspang.

Image credits: Kvf.fo


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