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Newspaper makes congratulatory ads free of charge as it looks to celebrate the achievements of ordinary fishermen

Local Faroese newspaper Norðlýsið will now put greater emphasis on celebrating the achievements of ordinary fishermen.

The newspaper announced earlier today that congratulatory advertisements that honor fishermen for their long service as well as other feats will now be free of charge.

In an interview with the national broadcasting company of the Faroe Islands, Jóhann Lützen, manager at Norðlýsið, argued that fishermen more often than not do not get the credit they deserve.

– It is a mistery to me that those who are working in the first link in the food chain are never honored.

– Both the private and the public sector spend a lot of time and energy on congratulatory advertisements when employees have been working at the same company for 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 or 50 years.

– But when a deckhand retires after a lengthy career, more often than not worn out, he departs with nothing but his kit-bag.

– He (the ordinary Faroese fisherman) does not want the attention and is probably just happy to retire without any fuss, whatsoever. The ordinary Faroese fisherman is modest and does not crave attention, and that is probably contributing to him being ignored in the world of congratulatory ads, Lützen says.

Norðlýsið is based in Klaksvík in the northern part of the Faroe Islands.


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