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Faroese music festivals announce more artists to perform this summer

With Faroese music festivals back on after two years of healthcare-related restrictions, several new artists have lately been announced for this summer’s line-ups.

First off is the Country and Blues Festival, which will take place in Sørvágur on June 10th to 12th, featuring old legends Bellamy Brothers as headliner on June 11th and Heather Myles performing with her band a day earlier. Faroese acts for this festival include Hallur Joensen, Signar í Homrum, Tinganest, Magni Christiansen, Ólavur á Váli, Herborg Torkilsdóttir, Kóboykex, Hans Jacob & Vinmenn, FourMehn, and Sommerson Band.

Next, it’s the Voxbotn festival in Tórshavn, set for June 25th, with a line-up that includes Tobias Rahim, Brimheim, Reiley, Rasmus Hagen, Boyzlife, Michael Learns to Rock, Niarn, Hugorm, Tungevaag, and Safir, as well as world-famous Faroese metal band Týr.

Syðrugøta’s internationally renowned G! Festival, scheduled for July 14th to 16th, has a line-up that features Teitur, Elinborg, Brynjolfur, and Zoord alongside LLNN, Kakalorium, Tinganest, Kóboykex, RSP, and Æðrasoppar, to name some.

The Summar Festival, the last of the main festivals to be held this summer, will take place in Klaksvík on August 4th to 6th. Recently they announced five new domestic names for their line-up, including Faroese-Canadian singer Lena Anderssen, country singer Herborg Torkilsdóttir, new band Brimhvítt, singer Ester Kristiansen and all-female acapella jazz trio SWAY. Previously announced names for the Klaksvík-based festival include British-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker.


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