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Faroese Music Awards 2020: Jasmin wins award for “Female Artist of the Year” for 2nd year in a row

On Saturday, this year’s Faroese Music Awards were held at the Nordic House in Tórshavn. Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s award ceremony was held without a present audience, and music performances were recorded in advance.

17 awards were presented last night, and two of them were won by Faroese singer Jasmin. Along with her band, she won the award for “Album of the Year”. She also won the award for “Best Female Artist of the Year” – again. At the FMA last year, Jasmin was also named “Best Female Artist of the Year”.

The winners at the FMA 2020 were as follows:


Female Artist of the Year: Jasmin

Male Artist of the Year: Pól Arni Holm

Song of the Year: Kostbar – Ingi Poulsen

Album of the Year: I Know It’s Over – Jasmin

Band or Artist of the Year: Joe & The Shitboys

Open Category:

Singer or solo performer of the Year: Janus Rasmussen

Band or Choir of the Year: Tórshavnar Big Band

Album or Concert of the Year: Klingra – Afenginn

Composition of the Year: Songs of solitude and night – Sunleif Rasmussen

New Name of the Year: Marius DC

Music Video of the Year: Fremmed – The River (eftir Atla Brix Kamban)

Producer of the Year: Janus Rasmussen

Lyrics of the Year: Klingra – Afenginn

Album Cover of the Year: Annika Arge Gregoriussen (Catch – Plúmm) 

Listener Award: Ingi Poulsen

Special Award: Kristian Blak


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