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Faroese men’s national team qualifies for EHF Euro 2024 in historic feat

Sunday April 30th was a historic day for Faroese handball as the men’s national handball team managed to secure a spot at the EHF Euro 2024 in Germany—the first time ever a Faroe Islands sports team has advanced to a major international championship.

On Sunday the Faroes faced Austria in Bregenz, Austria in their last EHF Euro 2024 qualifying match. At the same time, Ukraine faced Romania in Germany. The outcome of these two matches would determine whether or not the Faroes would advance to the championship. In order to qualify, either of these things needed to happen: the Faroes had to win their match against Austria, or to tie in that match, Romania needed to win their match against Ukraine or to lose by less than eight goals in that match.

The Faroes did not succeed in winning in Austria, with the hosts beating them 38-33, after a halftime score of 24-16. The moments after the match, however, turned out to be the most exciting for the Faroese, as players and fans anxiously awaited the final result of the match between Romania and Ukraine, which had to win by eight goals in order to qualify for the EHF Euro 2024. Now Ukraine’s 31-26 win over Romania fell short of the minimum margin they needed to qualify, meaning history was made for the Faroes. By maintaining their 3rd place ranking in Group 4, the Faroese advanced as one of the top four 3rd place teams, advanced.

Faroese goal scorers:
Hákun West av Teigum 11
Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 4
Helgi Hildarson Hoydal 4
Óli Mittún 3
Leivur Mortensen 3
Rói Berg Hansen 3
Teis Horn Rasmussen 2
Tróndur Mikkelsen 2
Peter Krogh 1

Faroese results in Group 4:
Oct. 12th: Ukraine 29-25 Faroe Islands
Oct. 16th: Faroe Islands 28-30 Austria
Mar. 8th:  Faroe Islands 28-26 Romania
Mar. 11th: Romania 25-17 Faroe Islands
Apr. 26th: Faroe Islands 33-26 Ukraine
Apr. 30th: Austria 38-33 Faroe Islands


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