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Faroese Ian Andersen wins Masters category in go-kart World Championship

Ian Andersen, son of a Faroese woman and a half-Faroese Danish man, has earned the World Champion title after winning the Masters category of 40+ year old racing motorists in Belgium’s Kart World Championship 2023.

Calling his win on July 31st in Kortrijk, Belgium, a “dream come true” and a moment he “will never forget,” Andersen was the only deaf person to participate at the international KWC go-kart racing finals. 

As he celebrated on the podium, Andersen waived the Faroese flag to make clear which nation he primarily identifies himself with.

“My dream has come true, winning the Kart World Championship in the Master category and finally standing on the podium holding the trophy,” Andersen, a close relative of famed music producer Oli Poulsen, stated. “This moment I will never forget and being the only deaf person participating in the go-kart world championship is something special. Its feels incredible and it’s still hard to believe that I did it! I’m very proud that my talent can be of use and to show the world that deaf people can drive as fast as those talented racing motorists who have the sense of hearing.”

Andersen, second from left, pictured with the other Danes participating at the Kart World Championship 2023 in Kortrijk, Belgium, which took place on July 25th-29th..

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