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Faroese Government presents new health protection measures for Christmas

On December 14th, Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen announced new health protection measures for the Faroe Islands concerning the holiday season, as follows.

· All visitors should take particular care in the days prior to their departure to the Faroe Islands. Most people will be travelling from countries where there are currently high infection rates, which means they should take extra precautions. Careful conduct at this time is crucial

· All visitors should be tested for Covid-19 three days prior to departure.

· All visitors should self-isolate until they have received the result of the follow-up test that they are advised to take 6 days after arrival. Self-isolation means that you do not go to work. You should not have any visitors during this time, and you should not go shopping or do other errands. You may go for a drive in your own car and take a walk outdoors, but only where you do not come into contact with other people. You should have no direct contact with anyone considered to be in a vulnerable group.

Updated domestic measures for Christmas

· Visitors from abroad should under no circumstances visit family or friends at hospitals, care homes or residences for the elderly until they have received a negative result from the Covid-19 test 6 days after arrival

· The National Church, in consultation with the Government, has decided to cancel all services on Christmas eve and Christmas day. These will be live-streamed or broadcast on public television instead. Other church services will be held in strict accordance with the current recommendations. The Government advises other congregations to do the same.

· Restaurants and bars should close at 2200 from Thursday December 17th until Monday January 4th.

· Schools and daycare centres are advised not to hold larger events to which people from outside the institution are usually invited. This includes Christmas celebrations which would normally be attended by parents and other family members. Christmas church services for school pupils and preschool children should not be organised as usual this year.

· Christmas shopping: Special emphasis should be placed on social distancing hand and hygiene and. It is advisable that only one person in the household does the shopping, rather than going several together. It is also advisable to go shopping when there are fewer people.  Face masks are recommended when a lot of people are in a shop. If you have come to the Faroe Islands from abroad, you should not go shopping at all until you have received a negative result from the test that you should take 6 days after arrival.

· Retailers at Christmas: Businesses should ensure that hand sanitiser is readily available and that stores are kept clean. Signs should be clearly displayed to help customers keep to the recommendations. Staff should use protective gear where necessary. Retailers can help by making face masks available for customers. If retailers cannot limit the number of customers so that the recommended distances can be maintained, then both customers and staff are advised to wear face masks.

· Sports: All indoor sporting events should be held without spectators. This applies to both adult and children’s competitions. Coaches and assistants can be present during matches.


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