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Faroese government further eases travel restrictions

The Government of the Faroe Islands on May 14th said that with over 35 percent of the population having received the first jab of Pfizers Covid vaccine, and 13 pc. completely vaccinated, it is possible to adjust the guidelines regarding self-isolation

Those whove had Covid or received both vaccine jabs do not need to stay isolated for the first four days after arrival in the Faroe Islands, and although everyone else will still be encouraged to stay away from large gatherings such as sports events or birthday parties, they are now free to go out shortly after arrival.

Allowing travelers to go out and spend time in places like restaurants and cafés immediately after arrival will give the tourism and hospitality industry a boost while bringing the country one step closer towards normalcy.

Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen also announced a change in the government’s vaccine policy, allowing non-residents staying in the Faroe Islands for a longer period to become vaccinated in the Faroe Islands.

Foreigners and Faroese citizens who reside outside the Faroe Islands staying in the country for at least 30 days will be eligible to receive the vaccine 14 days into their stay.


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