Faroese gourmet restaurant Koks receives Sustainable Gastronomy 2021 label

Partial exterior view of Koks restaurant, Leynar. Image credits:

The Faroe Islands’ Michelin-rated restaurant Koks has earned the Sustainable Gastronomy 2021 label from the ‘360° Eat Guide’.

Johannes Jensen, CEO of Gist & Vist, the owners of the restaurant, was presented with the white sign with an imprint showing three green dots followed by the words ‘Sustainable Gastronomy 2021’ and the 360° Eat Guide logo to signify that Koks is considered one the most sustainable eateries in the Nordic region.

In addition to Koks, nine other Nordic restaurants from Denmark, Sweden, and Finland received the sign.

According to news daily, the famous gourmet restaurant in the Faroe Islands was given the second highest score in its category — 91 out of 100, one point behind Sweden’s Oaxen.

The honors were awarded in Stockholm on November 8th.

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