Faroese football to be shown on Norwegian TV

HB - NSÍ (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)
HB - NSÍ (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)

An agreement has been made between Televarpið, which owns the rights to the live transmissions of football matches in the Faroese Betri Division, and the Norwegian TV station TV2. Hence, it will also be shown live on Norwegian TV, when the first matches in the men’s Betri Division are played on Saturday.

The matches will be shown with live comments from commentators who usually narrate Premier League and Champions League, and there will also be Faroese commentators with a connection to Norwegian football.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of football championships have been put on hold, hence the interest in Faroese football, which will recommence this week, has increased.

The Faroe Islands have gotten a lot of attention for their successful handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the Norwegian TV station is not the only business to show an interest in the Faroese Betri Division.

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