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Faroese expats flock back home for Christmas

Christmas is always going to be the busiest time of year for travel.

That has also been the case at Vágar Airport, which has been very busy the last couple of days.

On Friday, there were no less than 6 arrivals from Copenhagen – as well as 6 departures from the Faroe Islands to Copenhagen.

It is estimated that around 20.000 Faroe Islanders live in Denmark, and every year many of them – especially young students – travel to the Faroe Islands for the festive season.

On Saturday, there were 7 arrivals/departures all in all  – 5 from/to Copenhagen and 2 from/to Billund, Jutland.

Today has been less hectic: 3 arrivals from Copenhagen and one from Aalborg, Jutland. There have been 3 departures today, the last one at 10.19 a.m, Copenhagen-bound.

Vagar Airport will be closed tomorrow and on Tuesday.

On Boxing Day, 3 arrivals/departures are scheduled: 2 from/to Copenhagen and one from/to Bergen, Norway.


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