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Faroese doom metal band Hamferð to release brand new EP on April 12th; watch their new music video here

Faroese doomsters, Hamferð, will release a brand new 12″ EP entitled Ódn, on April 12th via Metal Blade Records, reports Bravewords.com.

Bravewords.com writes that the EP will feature the previously unreleased title track on side A and a bare-bones rendition of “Deyðir varðar” on Side B, both performed live on unique occasions.

Comments the band: “As a celebration of our 10 years of existence, we present the very first Hamferð-song, first performed in the autumn of 2008 and never before published. It is built from three very different sections which still represent our music today: one part foreboding, one part violent and one part elegiac. The parts follow the narrative of a sailor over three chapters; first braving an increasingly stormy ocean, then reflecting on a long life sailing the very seas that now threaten his life, and finally surrendering to the waves. The title translates to ‘violent storm’ or ‘hurricane’.”

Hamferð about the B-side “Deyðir varðar”: “A man wanders the misty mountains in search for his lost son: A fitting story to tell during an eclipse over the Faroese mountainscape. ‘Deyðir varðar’, originally from our album Evst, was the ideal song for this event, and this is the raw, unbridled performance, delivered above the village of Kvívík on a cold morning in March, 2015.”

Hamferð is:

Jón Aldará – Vocals
John Egholm – Guitar
Theodor Kapnas – Guitar
Ísak Petersen – Bass
Esmar Joensen – Keyboards
Remi Johannesen – Drums

Check out the video for the title track above.


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