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Faroese distillery introduces prize-winning ‘Subsea Vodka’

Faer Isles Distillery have released their new North Atlantic Subsea Vodka, the world’s first vodka produced from freshwater found below the bottom of the ocean.

Subsea Vodka was entered into the international competition, the Vodka Masters, where it earned a gold medal in the Super Premium category.

The vodka was reportedly produced out of a large freshwater pocket discovered under the fjord of Hestoy during the construction of the Sandoy Tunnel.

According to reports, Kristian Stórhamar of NCC who worked on the tunnel came up with the idea of using the water for the production of spirits, presenting it to Faer Isles Distillery.

As per news daily Portal.fo, examinations showed that the water was of excellent quality and indeed of an entirely different caliber compared to the otherwise quite reputable average Faroese drinking water which is generally from rain water, and that the pocket of freshwater discovered was estimated to be some thousand years old.

Thus an agreement was reached between ES Tunlar, owner-operator of the Sandoy Tunnel and the Eysturoy Tunnel, and Faer Isles Distillery, after which the production of the Subsea Vodka could commence. 

The finished product was ready before the excavation of the Sandoy Tunnel reached breakthrough back in February, with the first bottles hitting the shelves of liquor stores earlier this month.


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