Faroese company attempts to break into Norway’s fish food market, claims Norwegian news outlet

The Bakkafrost-owned fish feed company Havsbrún is looking at opportunities for a feed storage facility at Træna in Nordland, Norway, reports SalmonBusiness.

SalmonBusiness writes that ”the plans are a result of Havsbrún’s attempt to break into Norway’s fish food market.”

However, Odd Eliasen, CEO of Havsbrún, can neither confirm or deny these plans.

“Havsbrún sometimes receives requests for fish feed to Norway. It may be that someone from Havsbrún has been out and inquired about the possibilities of storing feed, but Havsbrún currently has no feed contracts with companies in the area,” said Eliasen.

SalmonBusiness states that there has been contact between the parties involved.

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