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Faroese capital of culture Gøta ready to welcome thousands of music lovers to another season of groovy festivals

Over the past two decades, Gøta, on Eysturoy, has become the place to feel the heartbeat of some of Faroes’ most exciting music. The famous G! Festival is Gøta’s flagship event, attracting thousands of music lovers every summer since the early 2000s. But now,at this time of year, G!’s young cousin – HOYMAbit is another attraction drawing residents and visitors alike to the village. The festival has a Spring run from May until the end of June and then again from mid-August to mid-September.

HOYMAbit takes its name from the Faroese for ‘home’ and ‘bite’, so it’s all about people coming together and enjoying good music and good food, which is still such a big part of Faroese culture” says Jón Tyril, one of the founders of G! Festival and HOYMA. “HOYMAbit is intimate, handmade and exclusive but at the same time down to earth. One of the real attractions,” Jón adds, “is that the concerts are held in people’s homes, adding that touch of warmth and real Faroese hospitality.”

Meanwhile, preparations are well underway for G! Festival 2018, named by the London Times last year as one of the best festivals in Europe, and described by the Guardian as “probably the wildest event on the Festival Calendar”.

Now in its 17th year, G! will this summer bring a wide range of top international acts like Rag’n’Bone Man, Faithless and Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars, to perform on the beach in Syðragøta – the southern part of Gøta, that is.

The G! Festival was the first real outdoor music festival ever held in the Faroe Islands. Around 1000 people bought tickets to the first festival in 2002, and ticket sales have grown steadily ever since. So has the will and desire to create new innovative music events, and that’s why the village of Gøta has also become known for HOYMA music festival and HOYMAbit.

HOYMA music festival started in 2013 and has featured some of the best known Faroese performers in the line up – including Eivør, Marius Ziska, Hamferð, Lena Anderssen, Hanus G. Johansen, Kári Sverrisson, Lyon, Guðrið Hansdóttir, Greta Svabo Bech as well as many others.

Open doors, hospitality and the love of music and people is what drives the HOYMA festival where 10 village families open their homes to be venues for this annual event. Featuring leading Faroese artists in the most intimate settings imaginable HOYMA is a unique way to experience Faroese music, culture and society. HOYMA 2018 is held on October 20th.

For more information on

HOYMAbit visit: hoymabit.fo
G! Festival visit: gfestival.com
HOYMA visit: hoyma.fo

Image credits: Kristfríð Tyril / Momo


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