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Faroese bow out of EHF Euro 2024 as heroes

With a loss against Poland on Monday, the Faroese men’s handball team saw the end of their EHF Euro 2024 journey in Berlin.

Following a half-time score of 15-15, the match ended with a score of 32-28 in favor of the Poles.

The top scorer on the Faroese team, Hákun West av Teigum, netted 10 goals, closely followed by Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu, who scored 9 goals while also ending up earning the title of Player of the Match. Vilhelm Poulsen, Rói Berg Hansen and Óli Mittún each scored two goals, whereas Teis Horn Rasmussen, Helgi Hildarson Hoydal and Leivur Mortensen each scored one. 

Slovenia and Norway advanced to the next round as the Faroe Islands and Poland were knocked out. Despite Monday’s defeat, the Faroese were in high spirits and the players on the national team were greeted as heroes upon their return to the Radisson Hotel, where about a thousand Faroese handball fans were staying.

This was indeed the first time ever that the Faroe Islands made it to the men’s EHF Euro championship, earning their first points in an EHF international championship. Handball Planet called the draw against Norway “one of the biggest results in the history of European handball.”

Faroese sports outlet Roysni.fo noted that “the young team won many European hearts” and “the fans shocked European handball, which will see more of the Faroe Islands in the future.”

Faroese results at Men’s EHF Euro 2024:
January 11th: Slovenia – Faroe Islands 32-29
January 13th: Faroe Islands – Norway 26-26
January 15th: Poland – Faroe Islands 32-28


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