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Faroese borders are reopening today

Today, Monday 15 June, Faroese borders will reopen, allowing travellers from Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Germany to enter the country.

Travellers are, however, required to provide proof that they’ve tested negative for COVID-19, and the results must be no older than five days (people with a home address in the Faroe Islands and children under the age of 12 are exempt from this rule).

This week, it will also be possible to get tested at Vágar Airport or at the harbour in Tórshavn for free. Travellers who make use of this offer, are told to stay in self-isolation until they receive their test results, which can take up to 48 hours.

Travellers with a home address in the Faroe Islands will have to show proof of residence. For this, a proof of residence from the Environment Agency or a return ticket will do.

On Friday, Vágar Airport announced on their website that all travellers are required to wear a mask both at the airport and aboard the plane. Travellers will have to purchase their own masks, which in the Faroe Islands can be purchased at the airport or at a pharmacy.

Today, Vágar Airport is expecting three arrivals – two from Copenhagen, Denmark and one from Keflavík, Iceland.


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