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Faroese book published in Russia

A Faroese book published in Russian might seem as a rare find nowadays, however, on 26 August this happened; Russian Publishing House Paulsen published “Á ferð í Sibiriu” (Siberia Nowadays). The author is Faroese explorer Sigert O. Patursson who, at the age of twenty travelled all the way from the Faroe Islands to Sibiria in 1889 and spent the next six years there. He lived with the people he met on his way, and he made interesting notes on customs and traditions of indigenous people as well as on the geography, culture and economy of the region. It’s a piece of Sibirian history which is now available in Russian. Sigert O. Patursson first published the book in 1901 in Danish under the title “Sibirien i vore dage”, and in 1994 Sigrið av Skarði Joensen translated it into Faroese.

The book has been translated from Faroese into Russian by Andrei Melnikov who has also written a Preface with a short introduction of the Faroe Islands. The book was launched at the Irkutsk International Book Festival and will also be presented at other book festivals and events this Autumn.


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