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Faroese As a Second Language: New season to start on Monday

Having opened for registrations, the course ‘Faroese As a Second Language’ is slated for start in the new season on Monday September 5th at the Tórshavn Evening School (Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli). Participants are advised “to register as soon as possible”, according to Tórshavn Municipality.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Tórshavn, the Tórshavn Evening School offers the ‘Faroese As a Second Language’ course in particular with the aim of giving immigrants who do not have Faroese as their mother tongue an opportunity to learn the language. Thus, we’re told, “this course is not intended for Scandinavians”.

“Students learn the Faroese language and about Faroese society and culture. The course is designed and organized in accordance with CEFR standards. Also, the students are screened before classes commence. Teaching takes place in at the premises of the Tórshavnar Evening School, beginning in September and in January.”

“Teaching is for 15 weeks on all regular weekdays from 9:00am to 12:30pm,” students are further advised. “The times are indicative. The course concludes with an exam, and each student receives either a certificate from a position exam, which gives access to further education in Faroese as a second language or a final diploma.”

Registration takes place on the Evening School’s website. There is a fee of 500 DKK to cover teaching materials, and class attendance is required with students having to “participate actively in studies” to be nominated for the exams.

Anyone needing further guidance is invited to email kvoldskulin@torshavn.fo.


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