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Faroese art on display in Paris

If you happen to be visiting Paris between now and March 13th, you may find it worthwhile to to visit the Faroese art exhibit “Un éclat de soleil” at the Le Bicolore on Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

The exhibit, which opened on January 13th, has been well visited so far. Featured works include art from Hansina Iversen, Rannvá Kunoy, Zacharias Heinesen, and the late Ingálvur av Reyni.

The theme of the exhibit is the light of Faroese visual art, and the title Un éclat de soleil” means sunbeam.

According to curator Kinna Poulsen, several Faroese artists have taken inspiration from French painters. 

Un éclat de soleil” is part of the campaign ‘Føroyar í París í 2022’ (‘The Faroe Islands in Paris 2022’), which is organized by the Faroese Ministry of Education, Culture and Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Mission of the Faroes to the EU, the Royal Danish Embassy in Paris, La Maison du Danemark, and Visit Faroe Islands.

Other events taking place in Paris between January and March highlight Faroese music, literature, film and design.

The purpose of this whole series of events, according to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Foreign Affairs, is to showcase Faroese culture and art and to encourage cooperation between the Faroe Islands and France.

Francophone readers may find more information on the above events in French at www.lebicolore.dk .


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