Faroese ambassador: A direct flight route to London brings new opportunities

Atlantic Airways has chosen to relaunch the route between Vágar Airport and Gatwick Airport this summer, and this brings new opportunities, according to Áki Johansen, Faroese ambassador in London.

Having direct flights once a week for two months is a good start, but regular flights between London and Vágar all year round would be even better. Direct access to London with five international airports gives the Faroese access to almost the entire world, and vice versa.

Áki Johansen points out the fact that many oil companies and the biggest financial companies and shipping companies are located in the British capital, and that scheduling regular flights between London and Vágar would be the right decision, although he acknowledges that it would be expensive.

– And with continuous flights between Vágar and Edinburgh as well, a ton of new possibilities will open up for the Faroese oil, fishing and service industries, he says in an interview with Kringvarp Føroya.

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