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Faroese abortion rates plummet to a historic low

Abortion rates in the Faroe Islands have fallen to a historic low, according to the latest data compiled by Statistics Faroe Islands.

In the 1980s, approximately 80 abortions were performed every year in the Faroe Islands, and in the early 2000s around 40 abortions were carried out each year in the Faroe Islands.

However, the last couple of years the number of abortions performed in the Faroe Islands has dropped to around 30 a year, and last year there were only 19 abortions carried out in the Faroe Islands.

The data also shows that the Faroe Islands have lower abortion rates than other Scandinavian countries.

The Faroese rate for 2017 was 29 abortions per 1.000 live births, while the Danish rate for 2016 was 264 abortions per 1.000 live births. Meanwhile, the Swedish rate for 2016 was 325 abortions per 1.000 live births.

Abortion in the Faroe Islands is still governed by the Danish law of 1956, which restricts abortions to three particular circumstances: pregnancy harmful or fatal to the mother, high risk for birth defects or a pregnancy borne out of rape.


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