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Faroe to send one million EUR to Ukraine in largest-ever aid package

The Government of the Faroe Islands has announced that it will send seven million DKK (0.94 mn. EUR) in aid to Ukraine.

This is not the first time the Faroese are sending aid to the Ukrainians, who have now been at war with Russia for a year; what makes this donation noteworthy in particular is that it’s the largest single donation of aid ever made by the Faroese Government.

In 2022, the Government’s budget for foreign aid amounted to a total of 12 mn. DKK (1.61 mn. EUR).

According to the Government, the Ukraine aid package will be provided through the UNHCR agency, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to provide food, medicine, mental and physical healthcare and reconstruction of destroyed property. The purpose is reportedly also to provide local authorities with the means to provide shelter for people who have fled their homes and help them make it through winter.

In the wake of the Ukraine war, the Faroes has, like many other countries, taken in Ukrainian refugees—as many as 127, according to national broadcaster KvF.

About one-quarter of these refugees have found employment in the Faroes, news media reported.

The Faroes can take in a total of 200 Ukrainian refugees according to officials, in cases of family reunification, however, the maximum limit of 200 does not apply.

According to the Immigration Office, more Ukrainians are expected to arrive in the Faroes in the near future.


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