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Faroe population now almost 54,000

The total population of the Faroe Islands is getting close to reaching the 54,000 mark, according to official statistics.

On March 1st the overall number of people living in the islands amounted to 53,792; that’s a year-on-year increase of 730, corresponding to a 1.4-percent population growth.

This increase, however, remains somewhat below the previous twelve-month period, which saw a the number of people on the islands rise by 1.5 pc. 

According to Statistics Faroe Islands, the current cycle of population growth in the Faroes took off around eight years ago, with a record 900 people added to the total number of people in 2019. Since then the population has been rising by about 700-800 each year.

The past year’s net increase of the population — that is, the difference between emigration and migration — totaled 514; meanwhile the natural increase — the difference between the number of deaths and births — amounted to 216.


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