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Faroe pilgrims embark on week-long tour to Israel to take part in Holy Week celebrations

According to the Israel’s tourism ministry, 75.000 Christians journeyed to Israel to take part in the Holy Week celebrations that led up to Easter.

Among the 75.000 Christians were 40 Faroe Islanders, led by pastor Jógvan Zachariassen.

The Faroese pilgrims embarked on a week-long tour of significant locations from the Bible.

It was Zachariassen’s tenth time at the head of such a group, but he can still vividly recall the religious fervour that swept over him following his first visit.

“When I opened my Bible again when I got home, it was like switching from black and white television to colour,” Mr. Zachariassen told Financial Times.

“All my senses suddenly came alive as I read about the places I had just been.”

According to Mr. Zachariassen, another aim of his trip was to balance out what he called negative coverage of Israel in the media.

“The news that we get back home, and in all of Europe, is very anti-Israel. Hearing stories about how Israel treats Palestinians and so on. I just want to show them that there is also another story to this,” Mr. Zachariassen said.

Jógvan Zachariassen is the lead pastor at Lívdin Church, Hoyvík.


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