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Faroe nearly Covid free with 8 percent of population vaccinated

The number of active cases of Covid-19 infections looks set to reach zero within the next few days in the Faroe Islands, or so the hope is.

The island nation has not had a single day free of Covid since mid July last year but there is currently, with good reason, a new sense of optimism. As for the total number of new Covid-19 cases, February has so far only seen four — a huge improvement from the 40+ cases confirmed in January.

With eight days having passed since the last case was confirmed, and only one active case remaining, the Faroe Islands could be declared Covid free once again in a matter of days.

That would not be the first time since the onset of the health crisis. The country was declared Covid free on May 8th 2020, and remained so for two months. However, with the exception of a combined two weeks in July, the country has had active Covid cases ever since.

According to health authorities, a total 656 cases of the virus have been confirmed in the islands up until now, all subsequently having recovered except for one person, who may or may not recover within the next few days. Besides, one person has died with the disease, however that person had already prior to his death been admitted to intensive care with serious illness other than Covid-19”.

In total more than 230,000 Covid test runs have been conducted to date, corresponding to about four times the entire population of the Faroe Islands.

Almost 4,200 people have been vaccinated here since December 30th, or 7.9 percent of the countrys total population. Over 2,500 of these have received both doses of the vaccination; which means 4.8 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, so far exclusively with the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.


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