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Faroe Islands returns to Covid-free status

For the first time since July 17th, the Faroe Islands is once again a nation free from Covid-19, the Faroese government announced on February 26th.

“For the moment, the Faroe Islands are one of a few countries in the world with no infection,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office read. “The last infected person was declared well and released from quarantine early this morning. A happy development almost a year on from the first lockdown.”

Said Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen: “It’s encouraging news. We have got many things right in the Faroes. Our best decision has been to stick to our initial plan to test, trace and isolate. We haven’t agreed on everything, but each time the threat of infection has appeared, the whole society has worked together to stop the spread. I am thankful for the effort we have all made during this past year.”

The statement, however, cautioned that the virus could easily return.

“Covid-19 has demonstrated several times that it can come back and spread very quickly. The situation can be maintained until vaccinations are complete, but it will still be a tricky period.”

“We have for the most part lived freely in the Faroe Islands during this crisis, but a few limitations remain,” Prime Minister Nielsen added. “The government is looking at ways to remove some of them in the next months. With no infections and the likelihood of a vaccinated population we think this is possible.”

Ten days have passed since the last case of Covid-19 was confirmed in the Faroe Islands.

When the number of active cases was at its highest, back in mid August, the island nation registered a total 147 active cases.

More than 230,000 tests have been conducted on the islands, equivalent to about four times the entire population.


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