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Faroe Islands Red Cross sends a further 1 million DKK to Afghanistan

The Faroe Islands Red Cross has donated a further one million DKK (130,000 EUR) in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, the organization announced.

“The situation in Afghanistan is extremely gloomy with more and more people forced out of their homes,” a statement from the charity read. “For this reason there is an increased need for immediate humanitarian aid to provide food, water and healthcare.” 

“For decades the country has been in great need of aid, and this year the situation only worsened,” the statement continued. “Furthermore, drought has impacted local food supplies while Covid-19 has burdened the already vulnerable healthcare system, and financial sanctions have impacted the country’s economy, resulting in doctors, teachers and care workers going without pay for five months. The country is also plagued by famine, and the number of children at the Red Cross hospitals has more than doubled since August.”

About three months ago, the Faroe Islands Red Cross donated half a million DKK to humanitarian aid in Afghanistan Alongside the one-and-a-half million DKK (200,000 EUR) donated by the Red Cross since September, the Government of the Faroe Islands in October donated half a million DKK to Afghanistan through the UN’s World Food Programme.

The Faroe Islands Red Cross a few weeks ago raised a total of 3.4 million DKK (460,000 EUR) in donations at their annual fundraising event, which for the past two years has been televised.

The recent one million DKK donated by the Faroe Islands Red Cross will be spent on 40 healthcare centers and hospitals in Afghanistan providing psychological help to children and young adults as well as offering other basic necessities including food, water and protection, we’re told.


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