Faroe Islands Red Cross invites couples and families to Intercultural Family Retreat

Press release: The Faroe Islands Red Cross is pleased to invite couples and families, where one or more member has an immigrant background, to the Intercultural Family Retreat, which will take place 4 – 6 October 2019 in Nesvík.

In accordance with Red Cross’ principles of humanity, impartiality and neutrality, the retreat will be open to people of all backgrounds. The main language will be English. Both people who are new to the Faroes and people who have lived here for a long time are welcomed.

The retreat offers an opportunity to meet other people in similar situations from across the islands, learn, and have a good time. On the program are interesting talks on issues relevant to integration in the Faroe Islands, fun activities for kids and adults, and musical performances.

See the program.

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