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Faroe Islands listed by Lonely Planet as a ‘best in travel’ destination for 2021

Aerial shot of the Faroese village of Gásadalur. Image credits: Fabian Zehnder.

The world-renowned travel guide Lonely Planet has included the Faroe Islands in its recommended ‘Best in Travel’ destinations for 2021.

The Faroe Islands is listed among this year’s winners in the “Community Connection” category for community immersion.

“For all its natural drama – towering basalt lava cliffs, plunging waterfalls, pastures that sparkle like green gemstones – it’s the embrace of the close-knit community that makes the Faroe Islands such an endearing destination,” Lonely Planet writes.

The judges, which are among Lonely Planet’s leading travel experts, said they were fascinated by the Faroe Islands, who have chosen to prioritize more authentic and personalized travel experiences, where tourists get the opportunity to get close to the Faroese locals and their culture. Examples of this include the Faroese hospitality, the Hoyma concert experiences and the “Closed for maintenance” initiative.

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