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Faroe Islands beat reigning champs Spain 34-31 in handball stunner at Men’s Junior World Championship

With a sensational 34-31 win against European Champions Spain on Friday in Magdeburg, Germany, the Faroe Islands handball team delivered a shocker at the U21 World Championship.

Competing at the 2023 IHF Men’s Junior (U21) World Championship in Germany and Greece, the Faroese men’s junior national team also managed to win their group.

The final results in Group D were: Faroe Islands (6), Spain (4), Japan (2) and Angola (0).

In Friday’s spectacular match, the Faroese underdogs already after 10 minutes of play time against the ruling champions were leading 10-3, and 21-10 at half time.

After 45 minutes, however, Spain began closing in, from having scored 20 goals against Faroe’s 30, with that lead reduced to just 33-29 at 55 minutes. Yet the Faroese managed to stay ahead until eventually winning the match 34-31.

On Sunday and Monday the Faroes will face Brazil and Portugal respectively, and will likely have to win both matches to make it to the quarter finals.

Number of goals for team Faroe Islands:
Hákun West av Teigum 8
Ísak Vedelsbøl 8
Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 7
Rói Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 5
Pauli Mittún 3
Pauli Høj 1
Bjarni í Selvindi 1
Sveinur Olafson 1


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