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The Faroe Islands is among 15 coolest places to go in 2018

According to Forbes Magazine, the Faroe Islands is among the 15 coolest places to go in 2018.

Forbes has interviewed Indagare’s Biggs Bradley who points out that…

– Technically part of the Kingdom of Denmark, this archipelago is an autonomous country with a culture (and language and currency) all its own. These cultural offerings are front and center on the global stage at the moment, but swarms of tourists haven’t yet descended.

– Though the entire nation is home to just about 50,000 people, it has fabulous restaurants, one with a Michelin star, that benefit from the islands’ phenomenal access to some of the world’s best seafood.

It also has landscape of surreal mountains and cliffs, countless waterfalls, grass-roofed houses and dramatic oceans—and countless proud puffins, shaggy sheep and diminutive Faroese ponies, Forbes Magazine adds.

The other cool places to go in 2018 are Cambodia, The Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico City, Bolivia, Southern Tanzania, Tasmania, Asheville-North Carolina, Chad, Northern Brazil, Aysén- Chile, Milan, Egypt, Malawi and Central Tibet.


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