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Faroe Islanders are more charitable than other Scandinavians, implies head of Red Cross Faroe Islands

According to Jóannes Eidesgaard, the head of Red Cross Faroe Islands, Faroe Islanders are more generous than other Scandinavians when it comes to charitable giving to relief efforts around the globe.

Red Cross Faroe Islands reportedly raised DKK 750.000 in donations during this year‘s annual Give Day, slightly less than the organization reported in 2017, and Mr. Eidesgaard is seemingly more than delighted with the money that has been donated.

In an interview with Kvf.fo, he interestingly proclaimed that “on average, every Faroe Islander has donated DKK 14.70, and when you compare that to our neighboring countries, then it is significantly more (than their average annual donations).”

He added that “this can only mean that the Faroese people is very charitable when it comes to raising money for charity.”

DKK 500.000 of the aforementioned donation will be spent on relief aid abroad, while the remaining DKK 250.000 will be set aside for emergencies, reports Kvf.fo.

Before Mr. Eidesgaard became the head of Red Cross Faroe Islands, he served as prime minister of the Faroe Islands from 2004, starting shortly after the general election of 20 January 2004, until 26 September 2008, when a new coalition took office. He also served as Finance Minister from 1996 to 1998 and again from 2008 to 2011.

He represented the Social Democratic Party in the Faroese Parliament.


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