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Faroe Fight Night (Pictures)

A calm before the storm, yet a tension could be felt.
For four days, fighters and trainers slept, trained and lived in a makeshift hotel. Before the event, fighters found time to play a round of football, creating a jovial atmosphere.
The officials presiding over the event were given a warm welcome by Tórshavn boxing.
The U-15 teams showed a great deal of intensity.
And a commitment to a sport that isn’t bloodless.
The night was a debut for the Faroe Islands. The crowd chanted, showing support for their favored fighters.
Tórshavn Boxing representing the Faroe’s entrance onto the world stage of elite boxing.
The moment a hard fought battle was rewarded.
Even when bloodied, fighters revelled in their moments of glory.

Back stage, Tórshavn Boxing prepared for the final fight of the night.
A portrait before his entrance into the ring.
And his opponent.
Victory was his, and every bruise, cut and lump a medal of its own.

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