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Faroe Coppers carry out huge cannabis operation in Tórshavn; meanwhile, Cannabis Party all but announces it will run for parliament

Faroe Islands Police last night carried out a drug operation in the Tórshavn Area (Suðurstreymoy).

Faroe Islands Police say, according to Faroese news website Portal.fo, that police officers drove around in the Tórshavn Area last night and conducted checks in areas where they know that people smoke (presumably cannabis) from time to time.

They also checked a number of cars in these areas, but they found no drugs.

This comes after it has been all but confirmed that ”Framtakið fyri rættinum at velja kannabis” (The campaign for the right to choose cannabis) will run for parliament later this year.

The campaign has announced that it wants to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. It also wants to legalize cannabis for recreational use, albeit the campaign has pointed out that its primary focus at the time being is on legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

“We simply wish to legalize a harmless plant, which everyone should have the right to cultivate and use. It is particularly important that people who need cannabis for medical purposes should be given free access to it,” said Mr. Hallur Hjalgrímsson Djurhuus, according to Kringvarp Føroya last year.

Mr. Djurhuus is the founder of the movement.

Mr. Djurhuus stated to Faroese news website In.fo that the party has just one goal and that is to legalize cannabis in the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands Police have been very aggressive lately in its quest to combat the use of drugs – including cannabis.

Earlier this month, police stopped and frisked a suspicious looking man on the street for drugs.

Portal.fo wrote that the man was suspected of carrying drugs and that is the reason why police approached him.

However, it turned out that the man did not carry anything illegal, and thus police took no further action.

In 2017, Faroese Customs Authority TAKS confiscated 23 kilos of illegal drugs, which is a fourfold increase from 2016, reports Kringvarp Føroya.


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